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what is life?


Sometimes we think, what is life?

Life is a long-term lab experiment. It depends on what kind of ingredients you use, you can either get a boom sound or just a color changing liquid.

One can also learn from it and then Change it to get more exciting results.

Just like in lab, once you complete one experiment you record the results and either improve to get better results or move on to next experiment.

Can Cops drive over the speed limit?


Can Cops drive over the speed limit?

Today I saw a cop driving way over the speed limit and his lights were not even flashing.

This is not the first time I saw this but I question my self every single time I see them passing by. Can Cops drive over the speed limit? Then quickly my mind answer me…. DAH!!!!! who is gonna give them a ticket. lol

I told my brother I am gonna follow him and you make that siren sound and lets give him a ticket for driving toooooo fast. lol

What you think? Should a normal citizen can give police car a ticket for driving over the speed limit?

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